Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lean on Jesus!

Hi all! When I get some insight I try to share it, just in case it might help someone else. But this morning I'm in a quandary as to whether to share this as prose . . . or poetry. So here are the words . . . you choose :)

I was trying to hold the broken pieces
Of my heart
With my own hands
Thinking I was being noble
Since I had prayed for what broke my heart
I thought I was being a good soldier
Courageous and strong
I know, now, I was being foolish, and faithless
Prideful and wrong
Jesus waited
Until the broken pieces
Got too heavy for me
And I was forced to entrust them to Him
Jesus smiled at the brokenness
And, then, He did something
He gave me a new heart
And a new mind
(He can do that, you know)
And He sent me here to remind
You, too
There is nothing
In earth or heaven
He can't do
Give everything to Jesus
In prayer
For He is able
Our pain to bear
There is no load
He will not share
There is no way
We can carry
Every care
Jesus says,
"Lean On Me!"